Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Let's just call this video: "Mom Is Dead Meat".

And I said "holy freak" so don't think I was swearing around young Blaine. Largest hail I've seen here in awhile! The hail on the deck doesn't do it justice; the stuff in the yard was much bigger! I didn't mean to sound so overly dramatic, it is just that Nick has a very expensive truck. ;)

In other news, I went tonight to bell choir for an hour and a half and my babysitters reported that BLAINE TOOK HIS FIRST UNASSISTED STEPS!! I guess he took 2 steps and walked from holding onto my dad's leg to my mom. I believe it! He's been improving his balance exponentially lately and can even stand alone without holding onto anything for up to 30 seconds now.


Claire {Beaktweets} said...

steps?! that's insane. go blaine!

and that hail is crazy. hope the truck is ok!

Janelle said...

Holy cow! Is he crawling yet? I forgot...
Wes has only stood on his own for very short periods - no 30 second marathons - you're going to have a walker any minute now. Batton down the hatches!

Peggy said...

Every new car or truck we have bought since we have been in Ohio got hail damage the first year they were new. All our cars have been hit a least a couple of times. And that is with me refusing to take mine out of the garage if I thought it might hail. It just hails a lot here. I gave up on getting the dings repaired.

That Blain is amazing. He just thinks he can walk and will soon.

Kalie said...

Wow, that's so exciting! I'm not surprised, though. Has he done a repeat performance?