Monday, March 11, 2013

Heaven Is...

At 2:00 AM Saturday night I headed straight from SAD season right into happy season.  I walked around school today with a permanent smile plastered on my face.  It is really quite amazing how quickly my mood can improve thanks to Daylight Savings Time.  Plus it was like God wanted to remind us it was spring with a few 60 degree days over the weekend!

To counteract my negative energy I've been harboring all winter, I want to start writing more about things that make me happy.

Heaven is:

~ lying beside a sleeping angel, aka Blaine
~ a 60 degree day in March
~ the first kayak ride of the year
~ ice cream stands opening up after being closed all winter
~ OGT week thus shortened classes
~ driving off watching your son and husband fishing down in the creek
~ enjoying a lazy evening fishing with the family and watching the sunset over the farm