Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mountain Time

We ended school EXTREMELY early this year [last student day was May 21] and it didn't take long to settle into our old ways; Blaine and I both have been sleeping in until 10 AM.    I just use the excuse "we are still living in Mountain Time" because we took a trip to Colorado [!!!!!!!!!!!] for 6 days.  It was spectacular. If I knew Blaine was going to be such a good traveler, we would have done this YEARS ago.  Errr maybe not.

Blaine's first airplane rides, Blaine's first mountains, his first time "camping" [I know RV camping isn't true camping but hey I'm counting it]; it was marvelous.

We flew to Denver and then rented a little RV.  It was so perfect: bathroom, fridge, kitchen, beds, all right there.  I cannot imagining travelling with a toddler any other way.  Will definitely do that again!

Blaine loved the adventure, the "snow climbing", and seeing new things and doing something different everyday.

The only problem with vacationing in May is that we still have the whole summer in front of us and our main adventure is over.  I'm already trying to think of a close "road trip" weekend type thing I can convince Nick to take us on.