Sunday, February 9, 2014


I have a slight obsession with owls.  So when I caught word that numerous snowy owls were hanging out in Ohio lately [very rare] I KNEW I would not be happy if I didn't find one and fast!

When I told Nick wanted I wanted to do, he responded with, "This sounds like geocaching, except the cache can fly!"   I knew odds of actually seeing one was going to be slim but I wanted to try!

Nick went out of town for a week and I was home with not much to do over the weekend.  I convinced my dad [still can't figure out how] to ride along and be my scout.   I'm sure he only went because Blaine was going.  ha!  We got lucky and ran into some other owl groupies and thankfully they knew where it was hiding out!  AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I am so thankful the other people were there because the thing was so camouflaged it literally looked like a snowball in the middle of the field.  I don't think Blaine actually "saw it" with this binoculars but I showed him the pics on the camera.  He didn't want to leave!

Want to find one too?  This website shows locations and pictures people submit on where they have been sighted!