Saturday, January 30, 2010

17 weeks: Gotta be a Smurf!

17 weeks! Yay! I guess 18 weeks is officially month 5 so it is scary how fast things go! I'm sure going to be happy when winter is over though so I can get outside and do more things. 36 degrees today! Washed my car HALLELUJAH!

As you can see, it's a smurf in there for sure!!

I'm going to go ahead and link to a few of my favorite "pregnant right now too" blogs so you can see pictures of what I keep comparing myself too! These girls all seem the skinny / athletic type so they seemed like good comparisons. I'm over being worried! I know everything is probably going to be OK and I'm enjoying my last few weeks of being able to fit into my brown corduroys!

The Baker Bee

Road Worth Traveling

This Place is Now a Home

Face to Face with a REDTAILED HAWK

The most AMAZING THING EVER just happened to me. I've come to expect the unexpected when it comes to animals appearing outside of my bedroom window; my neighbors have quite the collection of weird pets / farm animals. However, this was no pet. I went in and climbed up on the bed to hang some pants on the curtain rod to dry. Looked out the window and there is a GINORMOUS REDTAILED HAWK just chilling out. SOOOOOO COOL! I was thinking maybe it got hit by a car or something because that is majorly odd for one to be just sitting on / near the ground. Well I snuck out to the living room to get my camera and came back in slowly to get a few shots; my favorite pic is where it is making eye contact with me! There's a bit of a blur because of taking the pics through a sunny window, but they are still priceless to me! Definitely a highlight of my year so far.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Loudonville IceFest

I love ice festivals and this is no exception. The last time my mom and I went down there two years ago, teenagers had came through the night before and smashed half of the sculptures. Well not this time, and it was AMAZING! They had 26 sculptures lining main street of this picturesque little town. Here's some favorites:

PHEW! Back to normal....

As you could tell I really value the opinions of two friends of mine, and when this husband / wife duo expressed shock over my most recent blog post, I interpreted it as though they were offended! I changed the subject really quickly and then thought about it the rest of the evening. Ran home and edited by blog. LOL.

Well, I INTERPRETED THEM DEAD WRONG!! Totally normal for me! With their permission, I will re-install my latest post and continue on with things :).

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

15 weeks: Am I even pregnant?

I knew pregnancy would bring on a whole knew onslaught of worries. Worrying about your future child, worrying what might go wrong in there, worrying about every little change. I have been good so far not doing much worrying, until the last week or so.

I've made the mistake of google imaging pictures of pregnant women at "10 weeks" on my 10th week, "11 weeks" on my 11th week and now "15 weeks". Trust me if you go to google and do the same, you will be amazed at how big some pregnant women are at 15 weeks. I know everyone is different and yada yada yada.

But then there are the blogs I read. They do the posting of weekly photos and there is notice-able change every single week it seems.


At 9 weeks, I first started noticing my old stomach wasn't quite there anymore. There was a little bulge. Made sense because the books say the uterus is grapefruit sized by week 9. Well you can see for yourself here 6 weeks later I'm not showing much progress. And yes I'll still wearing my pre-pregnancy regular brown corduroys.


Stay tuned...I'm pretty sure in 2 more weeks I'll be complaining because I'm too fat. LOL. Such is life!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I wrote ONE of the weirdest detentions ever today:

"Student stole teacher's property and threw it in a trashcan full of raw shrimp".

Should go down as one of the top 5 all-time.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


And you thought you'd heard the last of my posts about "hoots" after my snopsis of my hoot hike experience. LOL. Nope!
Stumbled across this movie at the library the other day in the kids section (hey I was lost! I had never been to that library before!). Thought it would be dumb, but figured the owls would be cute.
WHAT AN AMAZINGLY CUTE, FUNNY, ADORABLE, MEANINGFUL MOVIE! I loved it. So did my mom AND dad! We were laughing the whole time. Great movie. Period. Get it at your local library and watch it ASAP.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Fire and Ice

Huge ice-sculpture. Bonfire inside it. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Yep It's True

Now that all family, friends, bell choir, the community, a few coworkers know, I thought I could blog announce it. I told my mom / dad on Christmas Day; not because I wanted to (I wanted to wait another month or 2) but because my sister said that mom would KILL me if I waited any longer.

Nick thought I'd tell my mom the day I took the home pregnancy test but I held out! :)

How did the surprise announcement go? We wrapped up little baby clothes and had them open the gifts simultaneously. Everyone said that they "TOTALLY KNEW!" but Nick's mom was surprised. In fact Nick's aunt was so confident that I was secretly pregnant that she had already bought me the above pictured t-shirt. It made my announcement post to the pumpkin growers so easy! I posted the picture with the phrase: This little pumpkin is estimating at July 13, 2010!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Footprints in the Snow

(disclaimer: I did not take the above photograph).

Winter has brought on a whole new paranoia for me! Footprints! See, last year when we got robbed, the first thing I noticed was "off" when arriving home was GIANT footprints on our back deck leading to our door. Nick's feet are the same size as mine so I knew someone else had been up there. Sure enough we all know how that story ends.

Little did I know that this winter's snow has got me all investigative everyday. When I get home, I notice every single footprint on the drive / front porch / back deck. Mail lady putting boxes on my front porch is common. Then last week someone walked in front of my house, around the side, all the way to the back, and then into my neighbors yard. I summed it up that it was my neighbor probably looking for one of their animals that ran off. Not too worry-some.

Yesterday however I went full into panic mode when I saw HUGE prints coming from the road, towards the house, then diagonal across my drive towards the fence. WHAT WAS THAT GUY DOING??!!! The fence gap isn't big enough to cross over into the neighbors and the tracks turned around there. Heart-rate up, I walked along the tracks back and forth 3 times. WHAT WAS HE DOING?!! Ohhhhhhhh!!! Reading the electric meters. He could see the neighbor's from the gap apparently. LOL. Wow.

I need to turn down my panic-meter!