Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mess of the Century

Nick just randomly got it in his mind one day that THAT would be the day we would insulate our kitchen. Oh yeah and it happened to be Sunday. I got home from church and before I knew it, he had 36 holes drilled into our walls, and the entire contents of our kitchen (or what seemed like it at least) in my hallway and living room. It has now been one week since that fateful day and only now is everything getting put back into place.

Can you tell we had the greenhouse fan sucking air through the kitchen and out?

I am just as happy as I look about this job. LOL. At least it was daylight. Last time we did this it was March and COLD and dark.

Holes Holes Everywhere!

This should NOT have happened! Guess we found the hole that we didn't know about (so that was how the mice were getting in! LOL).

And some other random pics: Before and After the rain storm!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Last Week

Well thank goodness it is a new week!! Last week was the worst week!! Sarah Palin did not get elected vice-president (like my wording?), our school levy got defeated, my family's farm got robbed (they broke into a locked garage) and we are now missing 2 new motorcycles and my favorite 4-wheeler EVER, AND a local business got robbed of $45,000 of 4-wheelers, motorcycles etc.


The school levy going down basically means local taxpayers don't want to give money to our schools. Our district gets less money than the average district does from the state of Ohio. We have to rely on local taxes to get money and voters are saying NO. So now the district is making kids must pay to play sports, cutting principals and teachers, cutting vocational programs, and as of January cutting bussing to the high school and within 2 miles of elementary and middle school buildings. Scary stuff!

But it is a new week and my kitchen now has insulation!!! YAY! And I figured out I have enough money to buy our house new windows (TRIPLE YAY!!).

Monday, November 3, 2008

School Levy

Today one of my students said, "I hope the levy goes down in smoke". I got so mad at that comment I almost couldn't contain myself.

A friend of my sister had on his AIM away message: "Proud to be helping defeat the school levy".

Some "people" today seriously don't understand that our schools are the building blocks of society. So maybe they disagree with government's idea of school funding, or maybe they think they could do a better job running the schools than the superintendent. So What??!! By voting down levies, it is the children who will be the ones suffering. It is society that will end up being worse off in the long haul.

Then I get home and find out my mom's two "vote yes on the levy" signs got stolen last night.


And yes, even if I weren't a teacher, I would ALWAYS vote YES on every school levy.