Friday, March 25, 2011

PEAS TO THE EXTREME: how low can you go?

Following a few of your comments about peas, I thought I'd follow it up with a bit of research. I've always known peas can tolerate frosts and freezes, in fact the year before last we had frost on June 3rd (!!), so most of our garden goes in either in cold frames or polytunnels if we want it planted before June. But I was unsure how how low the temps could get with the peas still surviving.

This is a very interesting read!



Tara said...

That's cool. I had no idea peas were so hearty!

Janelle said...

Good to know! I knew they were fairly hardy, but not 10 degrees hardy! Although I probably shouldn't be surprised - I heard a report on a farm in Virginia that manages to grow greens year round - without a hoop house - in the snow...plants are amazing!

Kara said...

I have to say that this is all new info for my me :)

Lanny said...

Don't you think that a lot of things could go in if only the soil could be worked? Certainly there are weed seeds that still sprout when it is down right chilly out! Maybe not constant cold, but off and on. And certainly different areas are well.. different.

I've always done our peas here on Valentines Day or when the Indian Plum buds are full. This year the planting of them was followed by our coldest week in a long time and certainly for the year. They all came up, well at least it looks like they all did, super thick in the bed! Next year I'm going to experiment pushing it back farther into the winter, even if they don't finish out a head of later plantings, getting them in before I'm overwhelmed with other things would be a great benefit.