Sunday, May 26, 2013

One Year in the Books!

Ahhh, summer break!  With "one school year" under my belt as a working mommy, I feel I need a blog conclusion / wrap up.

Most days, the life of a working mom to me feels like an uncontrollable freight train heading towards a brick wall.   Some days it feels like the train has hit the wall head on.  

The end.

I cannot say I enjoyed this year working.  I can say that teaching is still the perfect job for me.  The day flies by like no other job in the world, and I enjoy the interaction with teenagers more than I would interaction with colleagues.   That being said, teenagers are more horrible than ever, lazier than ever, and yes I am frustrated beyond belief with them most days.   However, the job is never boring and is always a challenge so most days I smile more than frown.   I still wish I was a human lie detector because approximately 95% of what teenagers tell teachers is a lie.  They are darn good at lying too!

The "new house" is proving to be my peaceful sanctuary.  Where else can someone see a view like this in their backyard at 6 AM before heading to work?  Makes the school day easier.

In conclusion, yes I will quit my job if I win the lottery.  Yes, I would rather be at home with Blaine.  Yes, teenagers are so horrible I want to keep Blaine in a bubble and home school him.    No,  I will not do any of those things because I'm pretty sure in the long run, this is the best way for things to be.