Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Clivia and A DECISION


In other news, to all you mom's out there, if you had a 7.5 month old, and a friend asked you to watch her 10.5 month old from April through the end of the school year, and get paid, would you do it?

I'm so torn! Blaine is so needy and needs to learn independence so it could be good. Another child would be good interaction and good entertainment for him. And it is only 2 months until the end of the school year. They have arrangements for next year.

But I feel that I would be leaving Blaine to cry in his crib more to go to sleep (no more nursing, walking, nursing, walking, nursing, walking for 2 hours for naps if there is another baby in the house........which I shouldn't be doing anymore anyways LOL). How would I handle bf'ing Blaine with another baby there? No more cuddling in mommy's bed in the morning if there's another baby in the house. No jumping in the car to go somewhere on a whim. I'd hate to get a double jogging stroller to use for only two months so no more running with baby during the day. Having a baby here whose parents are teachers would expose Blaine to waaay more germs and he's never been more sick than a minor cold. Germs scare me!! AND, how would I handle things like GOING TO THE BATHROOM??!

What it comes down to is that I totally suck at decisions. I just need someone else to make every single decision for me in life and then I'd be set. ;)


Elizabeth said...

I've been asked to do this three different times now, although on a more long term basis. I've said no, pretty much for the same reasons you listed- I feel like it would totally tie us to the house, which I cannot handle. 2 months really isn't that long though, and if it's good money, you might consider it. Too bad you don't live near me- I have a double jogging stroller just sitting in my garage- someone threw it out for the trash and we picked it up. It's perfect except for a flat tire. People are crazy! Good luck on your decision!

Kara said...

I'd probably do it. I think it's one of those things that seems worse before you're actually doing it. Just like having Blaine, you'd adapt and thrive. Plus, it's nice to have extra money and you can practice for number 2!

Anna & Kirby said...

I'm not a parent yet BUT... I'd do it. I think it's a great idea actually. Especially if it's only for a few months. :)

Chris said...

That is a tough decision. I have also thought about taking in a friends baby for a few months but decided that it wasn't for us. I think one thing to think about is if you need to do it financially. To me, it would be giving up a lot of your one on one time and as great as it is to have another little one around for interaction the commitment is so much. My thoughts are that I would rather go out and about to get my little one around other kids, we go to the park, swimming, moms group, library programs. I applaud other moms that can do this but I feel that this time in our babies lives is too precious to share it. You will never have this time again....even with a second baby. It is your only chance to have one baby all to yourself.
Tough decision. I am sure what ever way you go is the right decision.

Kate (This Place is Now a Home) said...

Hmmm, that is a tough one. I think it sounds like it might be a kind of neat opportunity for both you and Blaine to change things up a bit. This coming from someone who likes her schedules and likes her own baby better than anyone else's :) So I totally get why you would NOT do it.

However, maybe it will be fun? Maybe it will help you juggle things in a different way than you do now, and maybe you will feel incredibly empowered by handling two babies at once.

My main questions would be about the other baby -- is he/she a good kid? Does he/she sleep ok? Is he/she ok with outings and sleeping in strollers and other things that will allow you to get out of the house? If so, I'd say go for it!

As much for you as for your friends, who must really need the care. If I were in their situation I would LOVE knowing that a fabulous mom who I know and love is taking care of my baby. Also, Blaine may find that being around an older baby teaches him lots of cool things like how to walk and crawl and say new sounds.

Germs are scary, but they are bound to happen sometime. And the longer you wait, I feel like the harder it's going to hit when he does get them. Which is inevitable. Right? That's what I keep telling myself as our whole family deals with the daycare plague ALL WINTER LONG. :)

Abby said...

Tough one! Depends on if you want the cash! :P I have to admit, for two months, I'd do it. I know Casey really enjoys hanging out with other babies. :)

Kalie said...

Since you're torn maybe you could request a trial week? I don't know if that would work for your friend; she'd probably need a back-up plan. Maybe you could try it for a day or two in March. It would give you a chance to see what it's like and if it's worth it to you. Two babies that close in age does sound hard!

Tara said...

That flower is amazing! I totally want one! As far as taking in another LO--I don't know. I think two months would go by pretty fast, and who knows, maybe Blaine would love having another kiddo around. The interaction might tire him out enough to get on a more decent nap routine? But I think the suggestion of a one-week trial run is a good idea.

Angela Power said...

I agree with Chris.

But I also agree with the reasons for doing it too and I'd concentrate on those if you feel like you really need the extra money. If not, I think I wouldn't want to part with those two months of my maternity leave that I still have with my little guy. If you don't have to go back to work, then maybe the 2 months would be a good thing since it is temporary like many others said.

I'd weigh out which benefits Blaine more: the interaction with the 12 mth old or the extra BFing/Mommy time sessions that he'd be giving up during that time (unless you do really feel like it is time to cut back on that a bit & this is a good opportunity to "force" you in that direction). If you are feeling the "friend guilt" that makes you want to do it, I'd decline. So hard to decide & I don't know of this helped at all!

diana said...

It does sound like you have a tough decision. I'm not sure what I'd do, but it sounds like there could be some strong advantages to it, and the nice thing is that it would be short term.

Kate said...

Welcome to my world!!! The lack of ability to do things spontaneously is a big thing at our house. We definitely need a schedule to keep things functioning.

We ran into it with daycare, but you'll get it w/ another baby in the house - the being sick. Blaine (and probably you, too) will get sick - it will seem like you've got a perpetual illness for a while until you both build immunity but it will go quickly.

It will be cool to have another baby in the house for interaction though - my boys are starting to recognize eachother, smile only at eachother, talk, etc.

All in all, I think I'd do it but you're the only one who can decide for yourself!

Semi Crunchy Momma said...

Im a professional nanny, have been 10+ yrs, I currently only work 3days/week. I had a friend who needed a babysitter on short notice when she got a job, so I thought sure I could handle her 2 kids 2 days a week. Boy was I wrong. I think it all depends on the kids. The little one of the 2 cried the whole day, refuesed to eat, or sleep, and scared my lo because of the screaming.

I would suggest a trial period! I only watched the kids 2 days, and her mom suggested she find someone else because she knew her kid was hard to please (because i couldnt hold her all day long).

Kathy Carson said...

I'm not sure what to advise you on the baby watching but I must say BEAUTIFUL Clivia. I'll have to get a picture of mine up, it's a little bit more orange than yours. :)

Peggy said...

I agree with Chris, you will never have this time with Blaine at this age again. I think when he is two or older he may benefit from having other children around but now you guys do so much with him that you couldn't do with another kid in tow. I think he is getting more out of going out and about on a moment’s notice and you can't beat that Mom and Dad one on one bonding time.