Giant Pumpkins

I first grew a giant pumpkin back in 8th grade.  Sure it was only 95 lbs and didn't even get a prize, but it set the stage for my obsession.

When I met Nick in college band, we realized that we had both grown giant pumpkins back in the day!  We decided to have a competition between us and got free seeds from the website

Nick won that first year (2002) and it has gone back and forth in the years after that.  I currently have the household record at 1725 lbs!  It just happened to be the world record in 2009. :)

If you'd like to get started growing your own giant pumpkins, I would be more than happy to send you some free seeds.  Definitely check out for growing tips and to maybe connect with growers in your area.  Nothing is more valuable than attending a growing seminar and networking with local growers!