About Me

Where I Live:  Northeast Ohio.   Some people want to grow up and get the heck out of here but I am loving living on the same street that I've lived on since birth.  I have a unique situation; there are now 4 generations of us living on this street!  My husband's family lives less than 10 miles from here too so my son is surrounded by family all the time.  It is a good thing too because he loves his grandmas more than he loves his parents.  :)

Where I Work:  I am currently on "Child Care Leave" from my job as a high school math teacher at the school both my parents and I attended.  I love teaching there but it will be really hard going back after being at home for 2 years!  If only I could make more money growing pumpkins....

Sports:  I did gymnastics from age 6-18 so that was a HUGE part of my life and I consider that sport my #1 love.  I ran track in high school but hated distance so I find it ironic I ended up coaching cross country when I got my teaching job!  I love other things too that help me stay fit:  biking, hiking, mountain climbing, cross country skiing, and free weights. 

Gardening:  I grew up helping my grandparents all day everyday on their farm (I "ran away" to their house next door when I got mad at my mom, which was pretty much all the time since I was so moody).  Luckily I married a guy who was even more nuts about that outdoor stuff than I am so it is neat seeing what we can do together.  We don't own much property (less than 1 acre) so we mooch land off the family for our monsterous garden and pumpkin patch.

Children:   One son born July 2010.   I was so scared of pregnancy I wanted to possibly not have kids.  Now that Blaine is in my life, I know all my fears were so irrational and stupid.  He is the best!  Things that I'm enjoying:  snuggling, giggling, breastfeeding, and elimination communication.