Saturday, March 11, 2017

Akron Indoor Triathlon

Nick and I met at the University of Akron and so I thought it would be super fun to do this race together!  He has never done a triathlon with swimming so he wasn't really super excited about that part.  I told him to take breaks whenever he needed to; a big advance an indoor triathlon in a pool has over an outdoor one in a lake!   I beat him on the swim, he beat me on the bike, and we tied on the run.  He did awesome!  Nick got 3rd overall and I got 15th overall (they put all men and women in one big category together).  

10 minute swim:  350 yards (Nick), 500 yards (Christy)

20 minute bike:  11.1 miles (Nick), 9.2 miles (Christy)

15 minute run:  1.85 miles (Both)