Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blaine's Epic Potty Pause

*may be TMI so I'm warning you*

So I've read lots about EC and know that potty pauses can happen from time to time for various reasons. Luckily we've never experienced any until last week. I had to be on an antibiotic for 5 days due to a UTI (my first ever and it wasn't fun). Even though what they gave me was safe for breast-feeding, I had read that side-effects to antibiotics could include diarrhea in the baby. AND DID IT EVER. Blaine did a lot of pooping and almost always in his diap. Earlier in the week the poop seemed normal but for some reason went into diap and not into potty. As the week went on it got runnier and runnier. One day I think he pooped in 7 diapers and had the biggest diaper rash. Frustrating!

To top the week off, Nick was home for only 48 hours between week-long trips and he spent about 20 hours laying on the bathroom floor and 20 hours laying on the couch. He either had food poisoning or the stomach flu. Gah. Needless to say me and baby spent the weekend at my parents trying to stay clear of it.

Good news: we are still healthy and Blaine wore the same diaper from 7 AM until he went to bed tonight! Dry all day! YIPEE!!!!!! Here's to a new week and no more potty pauses. :)


Janelle said...

ugh. antibiotics do that to kids when they take them, so I'm sure it was what was affecting Blaine. Hopefully you're back on track now - so glad you didn't get Nate's flu. Poor guy!

Kara said...

Whenever Faith gets diaper irritation, Butt Paste clears it right up.

I'm glad he's back to not using his diapers :)

Amanda said...

hey Christy when Blaine was 3-4 months old, how often did you put him on the potty? I get the ones right after she wakes up from a nap and then maybe a couple more in a day but definitely not close to all of them. Thanks for letting me know.

basebell6 said...

about the same as now; every 45 minutes or so when he's awake. i never could read a "signal" that he needed to pee or anything like that (still the case). however, we were at a playdate today and were gone 2 hours and when we got home he was still dry (!!). crazy.