Friday, May 25, 2012

Farm Photo Friday

Had trouble picking my fav this week!

Blaine loves gardening even more when popsicles are involved. LOL.

These guys live across the street from my house.  I love that I can watch cows from my bed.

Speaking of my bed, I took this photo from my bedroom [looove this view].  Blaine was in heaven when the chopper and giant gak gaks showed up!  You can see a bird in the left side of the photo [blurry].  

Farmchicks Farm Photo Friday

Ears Ears Ears

This post is mainly about how I hate ear infections and how they have caused Blaine to forget about how he was almost potty trained.

Blaine got his set of first ear infections at 14 months.  As the ENT doc said, "HE MADE IT 14 MONTHS WITH NO  EAR INFECTIONS?! "   He got his second at approx 17 months and got his third in early April.  And his third never ever ever ever ever ever went away.   10 days oral antibiotics.   Still infected.   10 more days.  Still infected.  6 shots.  Still infected.  10 more days of meds.  You get it.  And this child does not take antibiotics without screaming.  We have to pin him down, hold his arms and head, and squirt that medicine in his mouth to the background noise of extremely loud screaming, crying, and gurgling.  Sounds like he's drowning in the medicine.   So it was 36 days of h*ll.    Not to mention how pleasant [HAHA] he is at doctors visits and at visits to get those shots.  Not to mention how every visit is another $30 copay.   Oh and the visit to the ENT specialist?  $50 copay and Blaine started the screaming hysterically the minute the receptionist used a digital camera to snap his pic.   The mood only went down from there.   Imagine a girl trying to give him a hearing test while he's locked in a sound proof booth screaming his head off.  Almost comical!


So long story shot, he got ear tubes put in Monday.  You can imagine how pleasant he was [HAHA] at that hospital visit.  I have no idea how I got these two pics in without tears. 

However, I can already tell they are going to make all the difference in the world.  His little "ham-like" personality he has while at home has been taken to all new goofy levels and he is running around with a whole new level of bubbly personality.  

The downfall?  All that medicine over the last month and all that "feeling crappy" has realllllllllllly taken a toll on potty training.  He was to the point in April where I'd have in him underwear all day with little accidents.  The medicines starting messing with his poop; diarrhea one day and constipation the next.  So I kept the diapers on all day. He's still not back to his regular self [pooping once a day, first thing in the morning, on the potty].  He's evening struggling with peeing on the potty.   It has me very frustrated but I just remain calm with him and keep discussing "where the poops and pees go" and when I ask him, "where are you supposed to put the poop and pees?" he always answers "grass".  LOL.   


So yeah, we might have the ear tubes in, but it remains that I'm changing more poopy diaps now that I did when he was 4 months old.  Bizarre.  I hope this ends sooner than later.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I've been reading...

I rely a lot on other people's recommendations of books so thought I'd share four that I've read in the past month and my thoughts on whether they are worth your time.

I got every single one of these books at my local library! Free is key.


- Never read  her blog and now I've confirmed I never want to.  I couldn't even finish the book, I hated it that much.  Yes the thought of having a "suprise" as big as she did at a child's birth is heartbreaking [Downs], but this book was just not what I expected it to be.  

-Never read her blog, but would be one I would want to check out!  AMAZING STORY AND SUPER INSPIRATIONAL.  Definitely worth your time.

- The Spielmans are local celebs around here.  We all know Stephanie dies at the end but now we follow their story from the beginning; a story about love, football, and faith, but most importantly about having unending support for your spouse and how it is possible to have a good attitude even when life constantly handing you lemons. Or worse, a death sentence.   DEFINITELY A GOOD READ!

-The only fictional book I've read lately.  Recommended to me by my "sister" [who really isn't my sister but is living at my parents house LOL].  She told me a bit too much so I suspected the ending, but it is a good ending.   About a girl who loses her memory everytime she goes to sleep.  THUMBS UP!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Farm Chick's Friday: Pot of Green at the end of the Rainbow

Will be printing this photo I took to put in Blaine's gak gak book! :)

Farmchicks Farm Photo Friday

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Baby Swans, Baby Chicks, and Crocodile Dundee

Wow this is my first post since blogger went and changed itself. Can't say I'm a fan; but I hate change in general. It is saying I may have problems if I don't use Google Chrome. YEP, having problems. GAH.

100 baby chicks arrived for us at our local post office Monday. I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW FUN IT IS TO PICK THEM UP!!! Blaine was all about the chicks this year, shrieking with excitement when seeing them even now, 4 days later.

9 swan babies hatched across the street this year! MOST EVER!! It was such a suprise because I never even saw mama swan sitting on her nest. Just boom they were there one day.

While taking swan pics, my husband turned into crocodile dundee and just yanked a giant snapping turtle out of the pond. SO HILARIOUS. My child is definitely going to grow up nedneck; he has no chance.

So that is what has been happening around here! Lots of the garden is planted, lots more is not. Giant pumpkins go in the ground tonight! YAY!