Friday, January 18, 2013


It is winter again so of course I'm EXTREMELY depressed, EXTREMELY stressed, EXTREMELY exhausted, EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EXTREMELY frustrated with my job, but all while feeling guilty about feeling all those feelings because I know how lucky I am that I have a house, our health, our jobs, etc.


That happens every winter so I should just be used to it by now.  This week I was sick in bed 36 straight hours [took only my 2nd sick day in 9 years teaching], then woke up to a sore throat / head cold 24 hours after that.  Nick was out of town all week and that left me even more down for the count [THANK GOODNESS FOR GRANDPARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!].

But the real reason for this post is Blaine.  Have to send him a shout out for turning 2 1/2 today!  This last 1/2 year was certainly trying!  This fall definitely had a trying time with the crazy tantrums.   We are talking screaming hysterically for an hour or more.  The crazy part is that he only saved the crying for me and never cried at the babysitters at all.  She always says how ridiculously easy he is to babysit.  We survived the tantrums and one day realized, hey he doesn't cry for hours on end anymore, we must have passed that phase!  He came out on the other end potty trained day and night, saying a ton more words / sentences, and even sleeping through the night for the first time in his life [can I get a HALLELUJAH!]   Yeah, still not worth it in my mind but that is life.  Ha!

No hat, no gloves? Just training for Alaska! ;)

The worst yet best Christmas family photo.  

Icefishing at the "new house" but I love that in this photo you can see the "old house"!!
Blaine is a cuddler and a loving boy.  I never quite realized how much so until I started interviewing him more and more about his days at the babysitters.  Turns out another boy there actually punched Blaine's stuff kitty one day and he told me all about it.    I was like "awhhhhh".   He always uses this fake sweet sweet voice with his "little friends" [stuffed animals] and when he watches the birds, talks about kitties, etc.  FREAKIN ADORABLE!  He especially enjoys talking about baby animals finding their mom-moms, even if something really doesn't look like a baby.

In conclusion, I want to quit my job, I want my husband home more, I want to sell our old house, I want more sunlight so I'm not so depressed, I want more sleep, but all in all, things are pretty good right now!  :)