Friday, April 30, 2010


Now here is a size comparison I can get excited about. Pumpkins, squash, and the like are my life. All along, every week, they (who is they anyways) compare your baby to random fruits and veggies. This is by far the coolest.

BUT, as lots of girls are commenting, HOW BIG IS A SQUASH ANYWAYS?! I personally know the guy who grew the "World Record Squash" and first off that thing is green NOT ORANGE (if it was orange it'd be a pumpkin) and secondly, it was 1236 lbs! :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

What's a Sill-o ??

You know you teach city folks when......

You make up a trig word problem with cute clip art of a farmer on a tractor and a barn with a silo. It goes something to the affect of, "The farmer is looking up at his silo with angle of elevation of 43 degrees and is 100 ft away from the silo. How tall is the silo?"

To which, in almost every class, someone says, "What is a sill-o?"
You shake your head in disbelief. When you SHOW them on the clip art what it is, you explain it is used to store grain. Then someone says, "THEY USE IT TO STORE RAIN?!"

Monday, April 19, 2010

28 Weeks

28 weeks! I'm happy to report that (knock on wood) I'm still sleeping through the night with no problems and my sore back issue has disappeared. This report is much more positive than the 24 week one was. I've been very VERY lucky! I'm up 16.5 lbs and am happy to say I've had no problems with swollen fingers or toes. My ring is as loose as ever and my shoes still fit (YAY!). I hope I'm not jinxing myself or anything; let's just get through the school year without any disasters!
The best part is that I am still doing everything I was pre-pregnancy (biking, hiking, etc) except running; mainly because I didn't like picturing Wilbur bouncing around in there!
In other news, my friend / coworker / sorta neighbor (shes lives 1/2 a mile from here) was due YESTERDAY with a boy and he hasn't come yet! If he's not here by Thursday they will be inducing her so let's keep our fingers crossed it doesn't come to that!


Thanks to an AWESOME suggestion from a geocaching friend, we headed out to look at crabapple trees yesterday. The smell, the colors, everything was AMAZING! I had been to this particular place at least 30 times over the years but never during flowering season. How many are there? "In all, the campus and its Secrest Arboretum are home to around 800 crabapple trees of some 300 different kinds". Definitely a must see!

Monday, April 12, 2010

No Magazine Nursery for Wilbur!

I read WAY too many pregnancy girl blogs. No, not the girls who are PREGNANT with a girl, but the girls who have more girl in them than me. You know the girls who LOVE SHOPPING, LOVE bigger boobs, LOVE decorating, and have the magazine-like nursery to go along with it. In fact, on facebook, one of my friends is pregnant and her friend made a comment that "maternity clothes shopping was the best part of pregnancy". (Take no offense if you are one of these girls, I simply am comparing you with me).


Well here, in my world, I hate shopping (recall my shopping anxiety attacks), hate bigger boobs, hate decorating, have zero creative juices in my body, and dread going shopping (yes I already said that but it worth saying again I hate it so much). In fact, as I was out-growing my underwear, I almost had another anxiety attack (it took me 5 years to finally find somewhere that made the underwear I like and they discontinued it GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Now I had to go shop for bigger sizes!??).
ANYWAYS. No way was I going to have a fancy smancy nursery, I was going to have a "my world" nursery. In fact, we didn't even paint it when we moved in. We figured we would either not live here by time the kid was old enough to care, or by time he was old enough to care, he'd tell us what color he wanted! It remains yellow with teddy bear borders because when I first saw it I exclaimed, "PERFECT! THIS WILL OFFICIALLY BE MY JOHN DEERE ROOM!". I had accumulated soooo much cute john deere stuff over the years that filled my room at my mom's. Boy or girl, this baby was going to deal with my tractor paraphernalia!

Now, we obviously have to pray our baby doesn't grow up hating the things we like! EEK!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

26 Weeks

Everything is going great! I figured out that the only days my back is sore is when I'm at school and thus on my feel alllll day (LOL spring break is great for figuring stuff like that out). But it isn't truly bad enough to "complain" about.
Nick still treats me like I'm not pregnant which has its goods and bads. For example I get mad when he is like, "CAN YOU SPEED THINGS UP??!!!" But it's nice at the same time because it is sort of annoying how my Dad acts like I can't even carry anything anymore and my sister acts like I shouldn't be doing things like biking / hiking lots of miles. My friend figured out that we hiked 9.3 miles on Saturday so that was an accomplishment! (Kuddos to him for going pregnant pace with me!).
I finally got the dreaded registry started and realized that we have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much stuff already which is AWESOME! We'll have like 40 things on there but I'm going to encourage shower guests to buy diapers and gift cards :). Maybe they can just contribute to Wilbur's college fund (kidding)!!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Let's start with YAY! I took that horrible 3-hour glucose test on Friday (sitting in the Detroit airport for 4 hours Thursday was good practice for my patience) and I passed with flying colors!! My doctors office does the whole "no news is good news" thing so by 10 AM with no call this morning, I figured I had passed but I called them to get my scores. I mean, I failed the 1st test MISERABLY so I wanted to know if I barely passed this last test, or if I TOTALLY passed. I totally passed. :)

Fasting Baseline: 75 (they want you 70-110)
1st hour: 133 (they want under 180)
2nd hour: 96 (they want under 155)
3rd hour: 94 (they want under 140)

Now for the YAY / BOO. YAY JAKE WESTBROOK PITCHED OPENING DAY FOR THE TRIBE! He's been my fav player since 2001 and he was out for the last 2 yrs for Tommy John Surgery. BOO he did horrible got taken out in the 5th with a franchise record 4 wild pitches. Oh well, it's a long season! This pic of him with his son is SO CUTE!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pacific Northwest Take 2

My 2nd trip to Washington / Oregon was this past week, my spring break! The best part is, a lot of the trip was FREE!!!!! Yep, the pacific coast growers paid our way out there to be the guest speakers at their spring seminar. Even better was, we did the seminar on Saturday and had until Thursday to travel around, visit friends, hike, and do whatever we wanted.
Being pregnant and all, I had two main rules: NO sleeping in a tent, and NO flying home overnight. Good decisions! The baby did great with flying and I did so-so with all the hiking. I didn't get as tired as I thought I'd get with the flying in super late thing (I was thinking that getting to Seattle at 4 AM Ohio time was going to be worse than it was!).

It was spring there, it was gorgeous, and it was WET! It pretty much rained almost everyday except Saturday and Wednesday afternoon, but we had a blast and did everything we were planning on doing regardless of the weather.

We ended up putting 1100 miles on the rental car and seeing a lot of beautiful things. Great "last hurrah" trip (and I had thought Montana last summer was going to be our last hurrah trip!).

This is Marissa, my pregnancy twin, DUE THE SAME DAY AS ME! We graduated from HS together :).

This is Erika; I hadn't seen her since 2003. Actually I had ONLY seen her in 2003. The friend I've only ever seen twice. LOL. Long story.

Trail of Ten Falls in Oregon. You can walk behind 4 of them. Super fun.

IT WAS SPRING OUT THERE! Way more than here.

Styrofoam replica pumpkins!

Me, Erin and Geneva (Geneva was the first of 3 female world record holders).

Oregon Coast.