Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break

Yeah, I know I'm not teaching so it is spring break everyday at this house, but I still have teacher friends so we've been filling this week with visits, lunch dates, play dates, walks and hikes. Too bad it is snowing today! LOL. Tomorrow we are off to Amish Country (which honestly could be our local Walmart because they all seem to congregate there to purchase Doritos and Mountain Dew)!!


Kara said...

Wait, your Amish go to Walmart? Ours must be the strict no-fun Amish because they won't even go into a gas station around here!

basebell6 said...

ohio amish are DEFINITELY allowed to go to walmart! and snowtubing too! :)

diana said...

Looks like fun. I can't wait to get out and about when it's a little bit warmer here! I'm sick of winter and I'm soon going to be sick of our house, since we've been there pretty much 24/7 since we got home from the hospital.