Friday, August 8, 2008


I want to start by saying, "I DONT EVEN LIKE PICKLES"!!! So when I saw hubby planting about 10 plants of the dumb things, I was like "I hope you will be picking those!". Of course I knew that answer to that. I would be picking them. And getting stung on the hand while doing so (if you've never seen a pickle plant, they are VERY fruitfull and VERY full of blossoms and bees no matter what time of day).

Luckily he is like a housewife when it comes to making pickles and strawberry jam (but not when it comes to cleaning!) so he did the canning and taught me to can them so when he was out of town I would have to pickle 13 quarts of them. GAH! Our fridge doesnt even have room for milk anymore. We will be sneaking a dozen cans or so into my mom's fridge pronto.
Oh the joys of marriage and putting up with his gazillion pickles.