Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sleep: Counting My Blessings

So there are a few quotes that have made me feel a bit better about the whole sleep thing. But yes, Blaine still stinks majorly at naps.

Leah made the comment to the idea of "do whatever it takes" which got me really thinking. So last week I literally did that. I have found ONE METHOD that never fails me. Take Blaine to the towpath (bike / run trail) and put him in the blue snuggli carrier. Walk him for a mile and he will fall asleep. CAREFULLY place him in stroller and run / walk up to 6 total miles before he wakes up! WOA! We did a TON of stroller naps last week.

Now that worked ONLY because it was sunny and nice out. This week is calling for cold and rain. Not sure what I will do then. ;)

Secondly, I have this an article in American Baby Magazine, October 2010, complete with tips and a chart. It says 3 month olds need 15 hours of sleep per day and average 2-4 naps; 30 min to 2 hours each. Then here is the quote I love: "Some snooze longer at night; others more during the day". Yep I'd say I have a night sleeping baby and not day one. LOL. Last night he slept 3 hrs + 5 hrs + 5 hrs = 13 total hours. And today he took three 30 minute naps and one 10 minute nap. I guess what frustrates me is that he won't nap for long stretches, won't nap in his bed, and won't go to sleep without a total total struggle.

I'm soooo lucky he goes to bed between 7 pm - 8 pm without any fuss what-so-ever and although he does still awaken 3 or so times at night, he always goes right back to sleep with no problems. I read horror stories about kids struggling for hours at bedtime and waking up to play in the middle of the night!

So I'll count my blessings! And keep on trucking through the issues!


Leah said...

I'm hoping my comment was helpful more than just frustrating. I'm right here with you trying to get my kid to sleep. I am one tired Mommy as well... we are on the same team :)

Some days are surely better than others, which I'm sure you will agree. The days that are tough, I am not about to fight with Sophie for 2 hours just to get her to take a 1 hour nap. Will not do it. It puts strain on me and exhausts her even more. So if I have to rock her for 10 minutes, then I will. Doing whatever it takes some days and being thankful for the other days where she just seems to "get it" and go to sleep without a fight.

Here's to a new week :)

Kate said...

Glad your spirits are still high despite the troubles... Hopefully things will improve!

Lanny said...

Aww sweet pics of my favorite blog baby. I've been a bit busy lately and haven't been out a lookin' and I must admit with stuff goin' on with my own girls, babies right now are bitter sweet. But sure 'nuff Blaine's sweet little face is a day brightener! You know you do have a lot to be thankful for. That long stretch at night is enviable by others I'm sure. I love how creative you are in getting Blaine to nap and grabbing some great exercise and fresh air time as well, hope the weather and good cold weather gear cooperates so that you can continue! Keep up the creative mommying!