Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Naps (or lack of)

Blaine sleep update: Well nights are still normal as always. Goes to bed with no trouble about 7 pm and sleeps until about 8:30 am with 3 wake-ups. Naps = NIGHTMARES!!! Yes, still. No improvement what-so-ever. This morning he napped in the stroller during my run and that was his only good nap all day. He woke up from the stroller nap at 11 am and from 11 am until 7 pm he only slept 30 minutes. GAH TIRED MOMMY!

Cumulative crying in crib time = 2.5 hrs (broken into two separate sessions)
Cumulative sleeping time = 30 minutes

I'm kind of using cry-it-out / pick-up, put-down / comfort nursing all in one. So I'll let him cry like 15 minutes, go comfort him for 2-3 minutes, let him cry 15 more minutes, go comfort, cry 15 more minutes, try nursing, repeat. It was brutal listening to him WAIL today. BRUTAL. Everytime I thought he was calming down he fired right back up. I've read all the different types of cries babies have during CIO: peak cry, mantra cry, letting-out-steam cry, distressed cry etc.

This quote is what has me wondering: Distressed cries - sounds like peak or letting-out-steam cries, but more intense and hysterical. It lasts longer and is continuous. The child may be screaming non-stop for more than 5/10 mins. If your LO is literally screaming non-stop for the entire 1-3hrs night/nap training session, this suggests that your chosen method is not a good fit to your child. Lengthy continuous distressed cries are mostly seen when using extinction on younger babies and/or babies of a more sensitive temperament. Sometimes seen during nap training (but not so during nights) where the child scream for the entire hour, never calming down.

After 1 hour of hysterical crying obviously I couldn't take it anymore and abandoned mission both times. But does this mean since it happened twice today, that maybe he has too sensitive of a temperament? Last week he was doing fine with this "training" and today just BOOM, DISASTER.

Tomorrow? Still wondering what to do!!


Kari said...

Good luck.

Shannon said...

Ugh! I wish I had advise. Noah is only 7 weeks so I'm not at the cry it out age yet. But ibthink at somevpoint, that's what haste happen. Today, Noah had a lousy morning nap...usually I can depend on 2 hours in the morning. Then he woulnt sleep all afternoon. He fell asleep at 5and slept for 2 hours, which he needed. But I woke him at 7 because I thought I'd nevervgetbhim down for the night. It turned out okay because he did go down at 9 and just woke now at 2am to nurse. I would love some consistency! Good luck tomorrow :). Let me know how youre doing!

Leah said...

Do you think it's possible that Blaine is too young for the cry it out method? Maybe you should do what works for now and give him some time to grow a little more and then maybe give CIO another shot if you need to.

Every baby is different of course, but I didn't use CIO on Sophie. I always gave myself the "6 month rule" and I figured if I couldn't get anything else to work by 6 months then we would give CIO a shot. The last couple of days have been a miracle in my house. She's actually going down for her naps now with minimal fussing. Hopefully this is the start of something good to come. I guess as they grow older they learn. She's about a month older than Blaine.

Up to you, you do what works for you and your family!

basebell6 said...


yep, obviously that is going through my mind every single minute of his crying. then i think how being wishy-washy about the method won't make anything happen either.

you mentioned "doing what works for now" but there is the problem: NOTHING AT ALL WORKS FOR NOW!

EVERYTHING else has failed.

strollers, cars, pacifiers, rocking, walking, carriers; nothing puts him to sleep. nursing used to be no fail method to sleep and that wont even work he literally tears my boob off.

if you all can tell, i'm out of ideas. 8 hrs of awake time with 30 minutes nap doesnt lead to anything except a tired baby and a tired mom.

basebell6 said...


UGH sounds like Noah and Blaine are twins!! GOOD LUCK and at least you got a 5 hr stretch!!

Janelle said...

My two cents...Austin was always a decent napper, but WOULD NOT go to sleep at night. We dreaded bedtime for the first 13 months of his life. It always took us at least two hours to get him to sleep, and he fought it the entire time. CIO, the sleep lady...nothing worked. Then, one day, BAM he went to sleep just fine. We didn't change anything, he just "grew out of it." He definately gained tention by crying instead of using crying as a way to release tension, and thus CIO wasn't an option. so we had to suck it up. It was awful. Lots of glasses of wine in the name of keeping sanity. But, as they say, "this too shall pass..." and it is now a memory, thank goodness.

Moral of this long story...if nothing works, perhaps it will just take time. Not much help, but sometimes that bit of perspective is what it takes to get through. Thinking of you!