Saturday, November 20, 2010

Elimination Communication: NIGHT-TIME

If I have 2 suggestions for night-time EC'n it would be this:

1) Get child out of bed and onto potty within 5 minutes of wakeup; this goes against the "10 minute wait" rule (seeing if they will fall back asleep). Tough rule, so I don't follow this suggestion myself most nights.

2) HAVE ANYONE BUT THE MOTHER DO THE POTTYING. It took a few weekends of me thinking, "wow Blaine doesn't cry at night with Nick" for me to realize this was occuring and why it might be occuring. Here is why:

When I get Blaine out of bed at night and put him on the changing table, he sees me and thinks "FOOD SOURCE! FEED ME NOWWWWW" and cries and cries and WAILS even worse when I take off his diaper and put him on his potty. He rarely will go potty for me. Nick on the other hand, wow what a difference. Blaine will never cry, and he will use the potty pretty much everytime.

Take last night for example: 6:45 pm was bedtime. 8:30 pm he wakes up; weird and way too early so we wait 15 min and Nick gets him and he goes pee on the potty. 11:30 pm wake up; pee on potty for Nick. 6:30 am wake-up, goes poop and pee on the potty for Nick. NO CRYING OR FUSSING ON THE CHANGING TABLE OR POTTY WHAT-SO-EVER.

Now if I can only get Nick to agree to do night baby potty duty during the work week and not only on weekends :)


Kate said...

I am confused -- are you potty training your 4 month old???

basebell6 said...

just goggle "elimination communication" to see exactly what i'm doing. pretty much what people have been doing for thousands of years and still do in africa, china, etc. some people say it isn't "potty training" per say but i'd say it is. i go "pssss" and then he goes in the potty. simple as that!

Janelle said...

Tell Nick to buck up! Putting Lyndon on night-time duty helped us a bit when we were trying to get Austin to sleep through. I'm so impressed with how well EC is working for you - we still haven't managed to completely potty train Austin! What dedication.

Amanda said...

Yeah keep giving me the good information! Did you start Blaine at birth?

Lanny said...

Maybe you should go to the costume shop and get a mask, like the Nixon mask.