Saturday, November 27, 2010

Family Tradition: Baby's First

Two years ago, I blogged here about how it is a family tradition to have butcher day twice a year. Once for cows and once for pigs, feeding 3 families for the year.

Blaine's first was yesterday! He had great fun and even napped at my grandma's during the day (remember our napping struggles?!). He is doing much much better!

IN OTHER NEWS: After 5 years of having no bathroom door (just a curtain; freaked out some house-guests), Nick has completed our new super awesome door. It is HEAVY (200 lbs) and will be a slider type door. Pics to come! :)


Lanny said...

Hooray for a bathroom door!

What a great tradition. Sausage making is so much fun! Dirt cuts his own lamb, well except for when he slaughters six at a time for a wedding! Not enough room to hang it all. That is what is hard when we do big stuff, the hanging room is hard to come by.

Kate said...

Nothing like a bathroom door to make your day! :0)

We have that exact sausage stuffer - ours is about a hundred years old though!

basebell6 said...

kate, that made me laugh! ours is at least 100 yrs old too!!