Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cloth Diapers: Blaine's First Day!

As bad as Blaine has been at naps this past week, he's been that GOOD with potty use. I'm talking during the day maybe going once in his diaper since Sunday. (Night is different because I don't think I get to him in time when he wakes up....and I find warm pee...oops).

I've had a HUGE box of Kushies cloth diapers a friend gave me but I've been too scared to use them. Until today. I whipped one on him and he's been in it all day and dry; using the potty for all pees and poops. I think I will still use disposables at night but start using these cloth ones during the day since they were free (!!).

Since I'm a total cloth diaper novice, and I know several of you are experts, help me out:

1) Have you tried Kushies and if so, do you like them?

2) What method do you use to wash them? I've read many conflicting reports on that too.
Thanks in advance for your ideas!


Erika Jean said...

you can by a diaper sprayer that hooks to the toilet water supply for easy cleaning. Never used one, but have heard they are great!

Kari said...

We currently use hybrid cloth diapers(the kind you can use with a disposable-flushable liner or cloth inserts). We use Flips and gDiapers. I don't think I have any Kushies but different diapers work for different babies. Since Blaine is EBF you probably don't need a diaper sprayer quite yet, plus it sounds like all his poos end up in the toilet not a diaper :). We just toss the dirty diapers in a wet bag until laundry day and then just toss them in the wash with a soak cycle on cold and then run a regular cycle on warm. I use Rockin Green detergent. There's a lot of cloth diaper safe detergents though.

Good luck!!

Heather said...

I've never actually heard of Kushies (we've been using prefolds/covers, bumGenius 4.0s, and a couple Fuzzibunz), but I think they all kind of wash the same way. We run a cold rinse, then add detergent and run a hot wash with a cold rinse.

I love cloth diapers! :)

Amanda said...

I just finished reading "Diaper Free" and I'd love to know more about what you did and how early you started elimination communication and what you learned from it! Good luck on the cloth diapers. I'm due in a couple weeks and just finished washing the cloth diapers I received, ready for baby's use.