Wednesday, April 7, 2010

26 Weeks

Everything is going great! I figured out that the only days my back is sore is when I'm at school and thus on my feel alllll day (LOL spring break is great for figuring stuff like that out). But it isn't truly bad enough to "complain" about.
Nick still treats me like I'm not pregnant which has its goods and bads. For example I get mad when he is like, "CAN YOU SPEED THINGS UP??!!!" But it's nice at the same time because it is sort of annoying how my Dad acts like I can't even carry anything anymore and my sister acts like I shouldn't be doing things like biking / hiking lots of miles. My friend figured out that we hiked 9.3 miles on Saturday so that was an accomplishment! (Kuddos to him for going pregnant pace with me!).
I finally got the dreaded registry started and realized that we have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much stuff already which is AWESOME! We'll have like 40 things on there but I'm going to encourage shower guests to buy diapers and gift cards :). Maybe they can just contribute to Wilbur's college fund (kidding)!!


Theresa E. said...

I'll help with whatever I can!! We have lots and lots of toys :D And I'm still waiting on lots of boy things from my friends for you!

George said...

Now you're starting to get there!!

College fund?? Heck no, let's start a GPS fund! :) In another 5 years, Wilbur and Ian could be running all over the woods looking for caches!

Kate said...

Great belly pic - and not one stretch mark - I'm so jealous! ;0)

It does get a little bit old when people treat you like you're incapable - I always want to scream, "I'm pregnant, not friggin' terminal!"

I'm with ya on the registry too - it seems so overwhelming and I wonder whether or not people will even look at it, but they're already asking so we'll see...

Congrats on making the 26 week mark - not long to go!!

Janelle said...

Milk the folks who think you're incapable for all their worth - it goes away as soon as you have that baby! Kudos for keeping yourself so active, I swear it makes "recovery" that much quicker!