Monday, April 26, 2010

What's a Sill-o ??

You know you teach city folks when......

You make up a trig word problem with cute clip art of a farmer on a tractor and a barn with a silo. It goes something to the affect of, "The farmer is looking up at his silo with angle of elevation of 43 degrees and is 100 ft away from the silo. How tall is the silo?"

To which, in almost every class, someone says, "What is a sill-o?"
You shake your head in disbelief. When you SHOW them on the clip art what it is, you explain it is used to store grain. Then someone says, "THEY USE IT TO STORE RAIN?!"


Breezer said...

Oh that's hilarious, awesome and awful, all wrapped up into one big package.

Kate said...

Never a dull moment when teaching teenagers... :0)