Friday, April 30, 2010


Now here is a size comparison I can get excited about. Pumpkins, squash, and the like are my life. All along, every week, they (who is they anyways) compare your baby to random fruits and veggies. This is by far the coolest.

BUT, as lots of girls are commenting, HOW BIG IS A SQUASH ANYWAYS?! I personally know the guy who grew the "World Record Squash" and first off that thing is green NOT ORANGE (if it was orange it'd be a pumpkin) and secondly, it was 1236 lbs! :)

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Lanny said...

hey, pretty cute kid there! The whole problem for me with all the comparisons "they" would draw to help mommies and daddies understand how big their bunchkin was was that I would dream I was having that thing they compared it too! I birthed a lot of weird things over the course of four pregnancies, a lot of weird things!