Monday, April 5, 2010


Let's start with YAY! I took that horrible 3-hour glucose test on Friday (sitting in the Detroit airport for 4 hours Thursday was good practice for my patience) and I passed with flying colors!! My doctors office does the whole "no news is good news" thing so by 10 AM with no call this morning, I figured I had passed but I called them to get my scores. I mean, I failed the 1st test MISERABLY so I wanted to know if I barely passed this last test, or if I TOTALLY passed. I totally passed. :)

Fasting Baseline: 75 (they want you 70-110)
1st hour: 133 (they want under 180)
2nd hour: 96 (they want under 155)
3rd hour: 94 (they want under 140)

Now for the YAY / BOO. YAY JAKE WESTBROOK PITCHED OPENING DAY FOR THE TRIBE! He's been my fav player since 2001 and he was out for the last 2 yrs for Tommy John Surgery. BOO he did horrible got taken out in the 5th with a franchise record 4 wild pitches. Oh well, it's a long season! This pic of him with his son is SO CUTE!

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