Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pacific Northwest Take 2

My 2nd trip to Washington / Oregon was this past week, my spring break! The best part is, a lot of the trip was FREE!!!!! Yep, the pacific coast growers paid our way out there to be the guest speakers at their spring seminar. Even better was, we did the seminar on Saturday and had until Thursday to travel around, visit friends, hike, and do whatever we wanted.
Being pregnant and all, I had two main rules: NO sleeping in a tent, and NO flying home overnight. Good decisions! The baby did great with flying and I did so-so with all the hiking. I didn't get as tired as I thought I'd get with the flying in super late thing (I was thinking that getting to Seattle at 4 AM Ohio time was going to be worse than it was!).

It was spring there, it was gorgeous, and it was WET! It pretty much rained almost everyday except Saturday and Wednesday afternoon, but we had a blast and did everything we were planning on doing regardless of the weather.

We ended up putting 1100 miles on the rental car and seeing a lot of beautiful things. Great "last hurrah" trip (and I had thought Montana last summer was going to be our last hurrah trip!).

This is Marissa, my pregnancy twin, DUE THE SAME DAY AS ME! We graduated from HS together :).

This is Erika; I hadn't seen her since 2003. Actually I had ONLY seen her in 2003. The friend I've only ever seen twice. LOL. Long story.

Trail of Ten Falls in Oregon. You can walk behind 4 of them. Super fun.

IT WAS SPRING OUT THERE! Way more than here.

Styrofoam replica pumpkins!

Me, Erin and Geneva (Geneva was the first of 3 female world record holders).

Oregon Coast.


Kate said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip - glad you had a good time and got one last hurrah in before the baby!

Eugen Caitaz said...

Wowww! so wonderful trip! Good luck in next travels!! ;)

Lanny said...

YOU WERE HERE!?!!! I so would have loved to have come and heard your talk! I would have become a giant pumpkin grower just to come and see you in person - okay now I probably sound like a potential stalker. I hope you return to the PNW sometime we do live is a splendid place. I realize now that you left me a cryptic message back in Feb. I should have inquired why you wanted to know about our weather. Durn.