Monday, April 19, 2010

28 Weeks

28 weeks! I'm happy to report that (knock on wood) I'm still sleeping through the night with no problems and my sore back issue has disappeared. This report is much more positive than the 24 week one was. I've been very VERY lucky! I'm up 16.5 lbs and am happy to say I've had no problems with swollen fingers or toes. My ring is as loose as ever and my shoes still fit (YAY!). I hope I'm not jinxing myself or anything; let's just get through the school year without any disasters!
The best part is that I am still doing everything I was pre-pregnancy (biking, hiking, etc) except running; mainly because I didn't like picturing Wilbur bouncing around in there!
In other news, my friend / coworker / sorta neighbor (shes lives 1/2 a mile from here) was due YESTERDAY with a boy and he hasn't come yet! If he's not here by Thursday they will be inducing her so let's keep our fingers crossed it doesn't come to that!


Janelle said...

Lookin' good, and glad you're feeling good! That is exactly how it should be :)

My babe will be here Thursday, so perhaps I'll have a wee one with the same birthday as your co-worker!

Breezer said...

Glad to hear you're sleeping well! That really became an issue for me in the last four-ish weeks.

Also, it looks like you're carrying in a really similar way that I did--and my doctor said that I carried well, so I'd say the same thing to you!

28 down, 12 to go!! :-)

Kate said...

Enjoy every minute of that great sleep you're getting - I hope the remainder of your pregnancy goes as smoothly as the last couple of weeks!

Lanny said...

Good for the sleep, sleep is a very good thing. Good to hear everything is going so well. Sure hope your friend doesn't have to be induced but it will be okay even so. All four of my girls needed prompting to get the heck outa Dodge, I was actually in labor for a week with nearly each one. And heck, you can hardly tell now!

Abby said...

Jealous to hear of your awesome sleeping habits! I'm up at least every two hours at night. I think our babe enjoys a dance party on my bladder at night!

Jill said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I didn't realize you were following! My husband grew up on a farm in MN so I can appreciate your John Deere stuff!

Your due date must be really close to mine - what is it? Good luck with the last 12 weeks! I will have to follow along. I also follow two other blogs of women within two days of my due date! Exciting!