Thursday, July 2, 2009

Family Traditions III: Sour Cherries

At one point this week we had 6 family members picking cherries from the same tree. Here is Nick and my mom pitting on the garage floor. Totally not tradition. It is tradition to sit on the swing under the oak tree by the pond pitting together. Howevever when this picture was taken, it was 11 pm (we had been pitting LOOOONG after dark!). We did that everyday last week. Not normal.
I am a huge fan of sour cherries. Normally it's about 4 days of picking and pitting. This year turned into a full week plus some. I'm not even kidding when I say that we RAN OUT OF FREEZER SPACE and I did nothing but pick and pitt for 8 hours straight day after day after day. In fact we ran out of CONTAINERS too!! What a crazy crazy year. We ended up calling friends to come and take some off of our hands (but not after they had helped pick and pitt). It is weird how fruit trees do that (go in cycles). Next year I bet it'll be an off year. We have been eating every single cherry dessert under the sun for for fun.


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Wow! All htat from one tree?! I just planted three cherry trees. It will be many years before they produce like this, but when they do I hope we can keep up!