Monday, July 13, 2009

Garden Update

Well peas are done (HALLELUJAH) so I've pulled and mowed over them. A few more days from now we will be picking pickles (EEK). I successfully kept everything alive when Nick was gone, even though he had me in tears the day after he got back!! I think he was comparing our patch to growers out west that he had visited (world class growers) and obviously our plants don't even come close. He didn't blame me but made me feel bad since I was the one caring for them for 10 days. Cool night temps are giving us low day 10 numbers but we'll see how that pans out as the season progresses. We are in a drought right now so his homecoming was VERY welcomed because it meant we could lay 2500 feet of drip tape!!

Stayed tuned for a post on Gimpy.

1 comment:

Lanny said...

Thanks for stopping on by the Farm. Hope to see you soon but you're a teacher and that makes me nervous after my proclamation of what my posts are going to look like for a while, hastily written. I hope you can easily laugh at horrendous mistakes! When I get going I dangle everything along with those participles.

Oh wait, you're a math teacher. I might be safe then eh?

Your garden looks lovely and someone else's will always look better. You have no idea what theirs was supposed to look like!

The geocaching looks like a lot of fun!