Friday, June 26, 2009


I've been obsessed with Montana since approximately 2nd grade. Not sure why, I had never been there, just seen pics, but I was in love with the place. I always wished I could live there; out in the middle of no-where with the only neighbors being the wildlife and mountains. I knew someday I'd eventually see it in real life and that was summer 2002. I went with Nick, his brother, and his dad. It was everything I'd hoped it would be and it is where I realized that Nick was my best friend and needed to be in my life forever. So now it really holds a special place in my heart for more than just the beauty of the open sky and mountains.

We were planning on taking a "cheap" vacation this year since we splurged on Oregon / Washington last year. Then we saw how cheap flights were getting and realized we could fly somewhere for practially the same price as driving to someplace like New Hampshire (the plan). Plus once we get to a destination, we eat Ramen noodles and sleep in a tent most of the week.

So yeah, when we realized we could fly somewhere for a trip it was a no-brainer where we wanted to go: MONTANA!! This time we were married and had more freedom to make it a trip "our style". Hiking, geocaching, and driving around as much as possible. I must be changing Nick because he didn't even fish once (fishing was the sole purpose of Montana trips in his past).
- 1900 miles driven
- 2 national parks
- 28 geocaches
- 2 states
- 3 snowy hikes
- 8 days
- 2 showers
- 1 rattlesnake practially on the trail
- 4 montana guys our age we met that were super cool
- 1 time we hiked in a snowstorm
- 1200 pictures taken

See Pics ( I just found out you can publically share facebook pics to anyone!! Good news; I condensed the 1200 to 57 for your viewing pleasure)


Raising Country Kids said...

Stop by the next time you head west! We don't get company very often out here in the middle of nowhere.

Laura-Jane said...

I just checked out your stats. I'm starting to know you... Lots of barn photos and geocaches... :) Looks like a lot of fun was had!

Laura-Jane said...

Hehe. I meant to write photos, not stats!