Thursday, July 2, 2009

Top 3 Montana Caches

OK so one was in Wyoming, but who is really checking. Doing my hw really worked out well on this trip. We were mainly going for "training hikes" so Nick could get ready for Mt. Rainier (HE IS THERE NOW!!!!). Every place we went was AMAZING (some didn't even have caches) and the places that did have caches were all the definition of awesomeness. These were my three fav caches that stuck out above all others.

3) Ringing Rocks - geological wonder where rocks ring like bells. There is only one other place in America where you can see something like this (PA).
2) Top of the World Geocache - definitely our highest cache to date! Over 11,000 ft in high and we were to the first to find this in 2009. No wonder, we had to trudge uphill in 32 degree temps and blowing snow!!

1) Highwood Mts Summit Series - we only had time to do 3 summits but it ended up being 9 hours and 14 miles of intense / steep / extremely gorgeous terrain.

Honorable Mention: natural bridges (triple waterfall I didn't know was there until we arrived....secret??!!!) and mystic lake (really lives up to its name)

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