Monday, August 13, 2012

'Lil Sickie

I start work tomorrow and should not be surprised that Blaine is on DAY EIGHT of having a fever.   No other symptoms.  All he wants is to lay in bed and have a boobie.  He is going to be very sad come tomorrow.   I'm going to be very sad come tomorrow.  This poor little pathetic face makes starting back to work that much harder.  :(


Kate said...

OH my goodness - 8 days is a long time! Any idea what's causing it??

Cheyenne said...

Eight days? That is super long.

Poor peanut. Poor momma. Praying for the both of ya. The photo makes this momma's heart break. I'm so sorry.

Elizabeth said...

Poor little guy- he looks miserable :( I hope work goes well tomorrow and he feels better!