Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympics! My Favs!

I've seen lots of posts about people being sucked into the Olympics and I'm no different.  I LIVE FOR THE OLYMPICS.  All year my excitement mounts over the upcoming events [summer or winter games, no different].   I stay up way too late and get way too into it.

 Let's touch upon some favorite athletes so far.

1) This year I have the added awesomeness of watching Bridget Franek, someone whom I have seen run several times in real life back when she was in high school [and I recently met her mom!].  Bridget runs in the steeplechase.  We got up early Saturday to stream her race live through the internet and SHE MADE FINALS!  How awesome!

2) It isn't the Olympics if you don't find someone super good looking on the men's gymnastics team. This year's fav has got to be Jake Dalton.  Those eyes are killer!

3) Kristin Armstrong [cycling] gets a mention because she is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.  Anyone who can have a baby the summer I had one and still be an elite athlete is just WOW.   THEN, She broke her collarbone in a crash in May [THIS MAY!!] and still made the Olympics.   When I saw her holding her son with her medal I about cried.  Then I shouted, "HE'S GOT THE SAME HAIRCUT AS BLAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  ;)  I'm in love.

What are you loving about the Olympics?

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Elizabeth said...

I LOVE the Olympics too- they are just magical! I am loving everything, except I'm tired of water polo during the day- ha! I love watching the sprinters faces when they show them in slow motion-cracks me up!