Monday, January 6, 2014

Like a Gift from the Heavens

Now that I'm too old to believe in Santa, magical happiness is hard to come by.  There is still one thing in life that bringing happiness so magically, so unexpectedly, and in such a cheap, innocent way:


I can NEVER remember our school calling off TWO DAYS of school at one bang.  Two days right after Christmas break at that!  When you get the news you have a snow day it is just like going out to the living room on Christmas morning back when you were 4.  Unbelieveable!  So exciting!  Incomparable happiness!

I told Blaine that it was a snow day and snowdays mean I kiss him all day long everyday.   Lots of hanging out doing nothing going on here these 2 days!

Photo from last month.  Less snow and more cold this time around!

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