Monday, January 20, 2014


On January 18th, Blaine turned 3 and 1/2!  He has morphed into 100% BOY this past half year. To the point where he won't even say "girl".  We have a book where one page is "girl" and one page is "boy" and he literally won't even say the word girl when asked to.    He also tells me that "boys know everything and girls don't know very much" and therefore I don't know very much since I am a girl.  WOA. Didn't think that would start until the teenage years.  GAH!  I am working on him. Not getting anywhere very fast though, ha!

Blaine dresses in head to toe camo just about every single day. I finally got him to wear a winter coat instead of a light jacket but it took purchasing a camo one.  Always boots,  never shoes, and the kid will never EVER wear socks.  Picky about clothes like his mommy was!

He's still a little outdoorsman and likes to help dadda do everything that he probably shouldn't be helping him do.  On the roof at night?  Sure!  Mom cringes in dismay.

As much BOY as he is though, Blaine is a little softie.  He will pretend he is a kitty [complete with purring and crawling] for hours on end.  The kitty "gets in my belly" and then is "born" and I have to name him.  SO FUNNY!  His imagination is crazy wild.

The other day Blaine told me that he can't go to school because he has three jobs and has to work.  He also has a boss, three "uncle bapas", and a tractor store.  He will tell you about them all!  [all fictional!]



Tara said...

aww... he is getting so grown up. Where does the time go? Happy 3.5 Blaine!

Elizabeth said...

Happy 3.5 Blaine! He may be a tough camo guy, but he sure is a cutie pie!

Peggy said...

He is a little Nick clone; he must do everything Dad does. Dad has a job, so of course Blaine does too. He sure is a tough little guy. He is dynamite in a small package. It was so much fun to watch how much he has changed in the last few months. He can keep up with the kids twice his size. Women are dumb, huh, wonder where he got that idea, funny?