Friday, July 19, 2013

The big 3.0

Nick turned the big 3-0 this year and Blaine turned the big 3.0 yesterday!  We celebrated by going swimming at my friend's pool and then going swimming again here at home.  My parents came over for dinner and we inflated a borrowed bounce house from a friend [THANKS!]. Blaine was pretty much in toddler heaven.   

Blaine is turning into such a funny, stubborn, hardworking, adorable young boy.  When there is a job to do, whether it be hammering, chain sawing, or picking up sticks, he declares it is "his job" and we cannot do it.  Super funny.  I can't believe it but he can actually hammer in a real nail that is started.

Blaine is awesome at knowledge of farm equipment and tools but still refuses to learn numbers and letters despite my best efforts.  He calls 4-wheelers "three wheelers" even though we count  ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR WHEELS hundreds of times.  Stubborn little thing!

Speaking of his stubborn streak, getting him to smile for a photo is equally challenging.  I failed the challenge yesterday!

I will not cooperate. You cannot make me.

Tomorrow we party with friends and family at the new house! Praying the rain holds off!


Kate said...

We have frequent phot failures as well - the ones posted were ones that their auntie snuck up on them to get! Happy birthday Blayne - have a good weekend!!

Kari said...

Happy birthday Blaine!! Stay away rain!! He's adorable!! And the stubborness of 3 is going strong here too.

Unknown said...

three wheelers Ha! I love that! That is one to tell him when he is old with his own kids. Such a cute little guy and I can not believe he is 3!

Tara said...

Happy birthday Blaine, love your alaskan birthday twinner Sadie. How are they 3 already?!

Casey @ The Baker Bee said...

Happy birthday, Blaine!!!