Monday, July 15, 2013

Fat Man's Relay

Back in my high school track days, at the end of a meet, sometimes they would hold a "Fat Man's Relay".  The shot and disc throwers would do a 4 x 100 relay providing amusement for both themselves and the rest of the onlookers.  Fun times.

Saturday I got the following advertisement for a 9 mile road race.  Does anything seem off to you?

First of all, I don't many road races, but I have definitely not seen any that have a category for "power runners".  What came to mind for me was the Fat Man's Relay and that a "power runner" is just code for "fat people trying to run".

Secondly,  I WOULD FRICKIN BE A FAT RUNNER?!    Not to give away my exact height and weight, I am above 145 most days.   Here is what seems MAJORLY WRONG with this scenario:

The average American male is 5'10'' and if he is 200 lbs [the weight cutoff for "power runner" males, not seen in picture], his body mass index is 28.7.  That qualifies him as overweight.

The average American female is 5'4.5'' and if she weighs 145 lbs, her BMI is 24.5 putting her in the "normal" range.

HMMMM.   I almost want to go do this race now just to see if they put us fatties on the scales and then to give them a piece of my mind.  

Any runners out there?  Thoughts or opinions on this?


tessa said...

that is crazy, I am around 145 myself and considered slim-ish. That is just ballsy to even put that on there...hummm I guess there will be a big group of Power runners running!

Tara said...

That is ridiculous.

Anna & Kirby said...

Oh my!! Do it!! PS I remember those days at the end of track meets!