Friday, December 16, 2011

Farmchick's Farm Photo Friday

Here in Ohio we've had a WARM WARM WARM WARM December! No snow yet this season and great temps to be outdoors. Blaine has been loving it!

I follow a local farm on facebook and on their wall it said, "Stop on by our Holiday Open House Sunday from 1-3". I was totally excited, thinking Blaine would love to see the horses, animals, and tractors. Well, long story short, we get there and it is a party for the people who board their horses there. LOL!! Opps! Totally their fault though (IMO), and they know us so had no problem letting us take Blaine around the farm. HE HAD A BALL!

Apparently, the Belgian horse above is not far off the world record height of 20.1 hands. I learn something everyday!

Farmchicks Farm Photo Friday


Janelle said...

We are totally going to have a brown Christmas...bums me out! At least your weather is warm enough to play outside for you guys. We haven't been quite as lucky. Crazy to have had NO snow this close to Christmas!

Teresa said...

Great way to create your own opportunity! Very cute pictures.