Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Napping in the Great Outdoors

If I had to give myself a mommy-report card (hey I'm a teacher), here's how it'd look:

Breastfeeder A+
Tummy Time Coach A+
Potty Trainer B+
Night-Time Sleep Instructor A
Nap-Time Sleep Coordinator F-

Thanks to Casey, I am now reading a book called "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" but I obviously haven't gotten to the part about getting Blaine to FALL ASLEEP FOR NAPS ON HIS OWN. My day consists of seeing the "tired signs" after the 1-2 hour awake period, and immediately starting the naptime process. Get him drosy, put him down. He grunts and then cries. Start over. Same result. Try again. Same thing. Next strategy: rock him all the way to sleep. Transfer him to bed. Blaine wakes up. Start over. Eventually cave and either put him in his carrier, his stroller, feed him, or take him in the car. I don't really believe in "cry it out" this young because of things I've read regarding his age.

As you can see above, Blaine sleeps EXCELLANT outside. Probabably all the white noise in the wind, traffic, birds, bugs, etc. Then today I read in the book "moving sleep" such as in the car, on a walk, and sleep in the "stroller by the pond" doesnt really count towards a quality nap. At least he's not by the pond. ;). GAHHHHHHH. Then there is the issue of nap in light or in dark? I've read both. Mainly so babies don't confuse day with night. Thank goodness at night he can fall asleep on his own no problem so I am counting my blessings! Then I read online "nap traps" that parents can fall into. One was letting baby sleep in carseat (OOPS) because it is comfortable to babies that like being held all the time. Ok guilty.

This nap issue gives us something to work on! (hey I'm keeping positive despite being frustrated lol) :)


Kari said...
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Kari said...

My grandma got here yesterday and was giving us the 3rd degree about naps. I thought it was hilarious because at 8 weeks he sleeps when and where he needs to I figured. I think her goal while she's here is to get him on a nap schedule and napping in his crib. We'll see how that goes. If it affects the 8-9 hours of good sleep we're getting out of him at night, a nap schedule will be a no-go. Good luck with Blaine!!

Casey said...

If it makes you feel any better - Eli was not sleeping well in his crib for naps until last week - which was 11 weeks. We worked really hard on it though! We gave ourselves (and him) goals like getting his 1st nap of the day in the crib, then a few days later all naps starting in the crib. He always wakes up halfway through and we were picking him up then and holding him for the rest of the nap, but now (finally) he will go back to sleep for the second half in his crib. We still have issues, though - like taking 30 minutes for him to fall asleep!

Jill said...

I'm still struggling with naps too. But nighttime sleep goes so well that I won't complain. We'll work on it when Baby Girl is older in a month or two. Good luck!

Janelle said...

He's still young, don't beat yourself up! I would recommend "sleep sheep" - Wes got one as a gift, and I use it as part of his "cue" to fall asleep - basically it plays white noise, and if that is what is helping Blaine fall asleep outside, then you should be all set!

And it is fun to say. "Sleep sheep, sleep sheep, sleep sheep..."