Tuesday, September 21, 2010

15 Minutes

Guess what Blaine did three times in a 15 minute time span?

Not roll over, not tell stories....POOP IN THE POTTY! (TMI ahead)

So I put him on the potty and he pooped but didn't pee. Must be a boy thing because I don't know about you girls out there, but when I poop, pee automatically comes out everytime. LOL. So I was like "weird", let's go play and try to pee again in 15 minutes because I know you've got pee in there! After 15 minutes I stick him on the potty again. Another poop (!!), but still no pee. I'm talking these are BIG POOPS not just little fart splurts. I clean out the potty while he's laying there on the changing table and I'm like "what the heck let's try and pee one last time because I know you've got it in there" before I put the diaper back on. A THIRD POOP CAME OUT but still no pee.


Hilarious. That saved me a rather large diaper mess to deal with, that's for sure! :)


Erika Jean said...

I think it's quite normal - i just don't think they can get it all out in one push ;-)

I usually make it a rule not to change the diaper the first moment I smell it becuase I know more is coming!

MamaEm said...

Congrats on the ECing successes! It has saved me SO much laundry. We didn't start with Tye until she was 3 months old, but we've had just a handful of poopy diapers (4? 5?) in the past seven and a half months. It makes life easier! Isn't it amazing how they just know what to do? :)