Sunday, September 19, 2010

9 Weeks: Smiles and Stories

Blaine is smiling soooooo much more and telling stories like crazy. My mom said he told her a story that was like 10 minutes long! Just chattering away! When he really can talk, WOAA LOOK OUT!

The cutest? He will stop eating, pull away to look up at me, smile, and then have a little conversation with me. SOOOOO CUTE I MELT! I only wish I knew what he is telling me! LOL.

Blaine went to two geocaching events this week, on two "mom dates", and to two company cookouts at the park. He has been SO well behaved everywhere. I caved and now use a pacifier (hey I made it to week 8 without) but week 7 / 8 was fussy week for sure and I learned that the pacifier really will calm him down and fast. I only use it in cases of emergency and extreme fussiness.
Tuesday is his 2 month appt at the doctor so I'm a little nervous about how that will go with the vaccinations and all, but we will see!
Weight this week: 12 lbs 12oz


Kari said...

Cutie!! Good luck on Tuesday!!

Courtney said...

Precious!!! Ava has started coo'ing. Her smiles are amazing too!
We use a pacifier, we call it a fooler, in emergency situations too. I don't think they need to be used all of the time!

Janelle said...

Darn cute. I love when they start chatting, especially when what they have to say is SO IMPORTANT that it interrupts mealtime :)

We let Wes use the Paci, and he is pretty much over it now (at 5 months) - every once in a while he'll want one to help him get to sleep, but other than that, he's not so fear not, he may move on from it sooner than you think :)