Monday, July 28, 2008

Blog Name

I thought I would dedicated a post to why I named my blog what I did. You see, all my pictures so far make it look like I live in the country. BUT I DONT!! I live within 10 miles of THREE WALMARTS!! Yes 3. One north, one east, and one south but all within 10 miles I swear.

What is ironic is one basically sits right beside the land which was the farm where my grandma grew up. But anyways. Back in the 1950's when my grandparents bought their farm in this township (one south of where they grew up) to "move away from it all," this township was nothing but farms. Well the suburbs did their creeping as all suburbs do and now I feel like I am part of a farming family in the middle of the 'burbs. I mean our family still farms, we butcher all our own pork and beef, but if I went to school and told my students that, there would be no-one in my classroom who could relate. They are the children of doctors and lawyers and well to do families that barely even understand anything but tennis and abercrombie.

So that's my story. I still live on a street with dairy cows and corn fields, but it doesn't even take driving half a mile to see that this isn't the same community my parents were raised in!!!

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Rhoevin said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog. Your pictures are excellent too. I see you're in education, as am I. What state are you located in if I may ask? I'm in the 'burbs of Detroit at the moment.