Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Patch

We've been growing giant pumpkins competitively since 2002. First we were boyfriend / girlfriend so 10 miles separated our patches and we competed against each other. When we got married, we started growing at the same location but in different patches. Well to keep life simple this year with a big vacation on the calendar and all, we decided to share and only grow 7 plants. Share patches / plants / caring for them, etc.

WHAT WAS I THINKING ?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our growing philosophies can't be any different and pruning / weeding / burying just turned into a time when Nick would yell at me that I was doing everything wrong. So that sharing thing lasted about 2 monthes. I officially have the south 3 plants and he has the north 4 now. I have better soil. He has better genetics. Life is much calmer!! We'll see how this turns out!!!

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