Friday, July 11, 2008


The Pacific Northwest!!!!
I was very blessed to have gotten to travel to another "pre-kids" location this summer. We wanted to make sure to travel to a few places before starting to have kids and this was the last major one on this list. We had already done Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Alaska. Next biggie: Oregon / Washington. Let's just say the trip was heavenly!! What beauty. I always say I want to move somewhere with mountains, but in realty, I know I could never live in a different county than my family!! haha. Ok you got me. I could never live on another street than my family!! (Yes I still live on the street I've lived on since birth). We saw 1727 miles of the Pacific Northwest and I took probably about the same number of pictures. Pictured above is my hubby hiking near Mt. Rainier.

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Genuine Lustre said...

Even when you do have little ones, make plans to take them along. Our kids were expert tent campers when they were little - it's a great life skills to know how to cook outside and get clean in a bowl of water.

I will never forget they day we turned up at a very remote canoe livery with our one canoe, three kids and a dog, along the Two Hearted River in the U.P. of Michigan. The man looked at us and said, uh, sir, you better do the 2 hr trip. My husband said, uh sir, you don't know my wife. We were out all day -- it was fabulous. And the man who dropped us off was very surprised. Haha!