Sunday, January 9, 2011

Brrrr and Sarah Palin's Alaska

Brrrr right now it is 6.3 degrees outside and I'm sitting under a blanket watching the finale of Sarah Palin's Alaska.

Love. That. Show.


I can't believe people hate it. Who cares what you think about Sarah Palin, anytime you can watch a show about Alaska it is pretty much amazing. I especially am liking it because I think her family is interesting and funny, plus lots of places they go I can be like "BEEN THERE!"

I've probably mentioned this on my blog before but not recently: We went to Alaska on our honeymoon! Very memorable and definitely a place I want to take our kids some day. One experience I hope to never re-live: being followed by 2 grizzly bears while over two miles away from our vehicle.

In 15 days we drove 2500 miles just within the state. I only took 3 showers so it wasn't a normal honeymoon but I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Can you see Nick? We are hiking near Harp Mountain (our last name).
In my (free) I-pod touch I have a weather app and like to keep an eye on temps in some Alaskan and Montana towns.
Quick temperature check:
Bozeman, MT....7

Tonight Ohio is competing with the best of 'em!!


Erika Jean said...

I don't like her politics at all, but I do love the show!! I think its the scenery I like the most ;-)

Flat Creek Farm said...

What an awesome honeymoon! I love SP's Alaska too, and I still think she has some good ideas.. politically and otherwise. Maybe not aLlll of the opinions do I agree with, but i still like her and her fam! -Tammy

Kari said...

That would have been one cool honeymoon!! Literally!! :) Can't stand SP at ALL, like mind numbingly annoying, but I was drawn into the show. It was like a train wreck I just couldn't look away from.

Thanks for the blog article about baby led weaning!! We can't wait to start!!

Tara said...

seriously... it is 27 degrees in Nome. It feels like summer--the kids are all out in shorts right now. So wrong.