Friday, December 18, 2009


The week before Christmas break has got to be THE LONGEST WEEK of the year BY FAR. I think this week felt like 250 days long and today felt like 300 hours long and 10th period felt like 10000 minutes.

But now I'm home on my couch and life has turned good!


In other news, I think the ice on the pond beside our house is WAY thicker than last Sunday and I'm ready to skate once darkness falls (can't let the neighbors see me haha).


Lanny said...

Ahhh, can't wait for Dirt to come home and begin his vacation. He had some students this week making up time but mostly paperwork, he doen't really enjoy that side of his work and sometimes it shows. So I agree with you life will turn good in about one more hour!

By the way, the benefits of where you live, your ice last longer than a few days of skating! We are already back up to fifty, warm and drizzly we are.

Have a good vacation! Merry Christmas!

basebell6 said...

Hey Lanny! Yeah for some reason anticipating / waiting for this break is worse than summer break! Hope Dirt gets all his paperwork done and doesnt have to think about school AT ALL over break!

The crazy thing is that the new ice is just that...100 % new since last Sunday! Sunday it rained and rained and rained and was totally melted by Monday. But we had enough 14 degree nights this week to refreeze it better than before. Not as common as you'd think around here!

Merry Christmas to you too!