Sunday, December 13, 2009

1.5 Inches

Being married to an icefishing fanatic combined with having a pond 30 feet from our backdoor has its advantages. Nick is out there everyday chopping holes, drilling holes, jumping up and down, all while dreaming of when he can sit on a bucket and catch a fish through the ice.

This week cold night temps created the smoothest ice I've seen in at least 8 years. Bad news: it was thin and probabably not going to get to the "safe" 3 inches I'd need it to be in order to skate. Well we are both crazy so you can pretty much figure out what happened!! I had towels on hand in case of an 'accident' and I stayed near the edge, where if I went through I could still stand up, but nothing went wrong and it was totally great!


Lanny said...

Too fun! Our ice followed a tiny bit of snow early last week so it is not as clear and smooth as yours. But our girls have been enjoying skating on our big pond in the back rather than the smaller ponds in the pasture! Ice fishing! The girls said they could see the cat fish swimming under the ice by the tire swing, maybe they should try their hand at ice fishing! Have a great Sunday skating!

Erika Jean said...

Whoa. so smooth it doesn't even LOOK like ice!! You're brave to get out there ;-)

Carol............. said...

This brings on a whole new meaning of "skating on thin ice!"

What fun!

Won't be trying this in Arizona!!!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Be careful! :) Those pictures are beautiful. Thanks for the blog visit. I've been to your blog before --reading about 'the great pumpkin'! And I'm following now so I don't miss a moment of the excitement :) -Tammy