Friday, November 27, 2009

Random Blog Link

Happened upon a few new blogs of young couples lately. This girl had been trying to get pregnant since last March and by following her blog the last month or so I could tell she was still optimistic but getting frustrated. I admire her so much for her openness to talk about this with the world! But it made that special moment that much sweeter when she could finally tell everyone her good news.

Not only would I not be able to talk about an issues like that with the world, I don't even think I could talk about it with my mom! I'm trying to figure out how long I would be able to hide a pregnancy from my family. 1 month, 2 monthes, 3 monthes, 4? 5 monthes, 6 monthes, 7 monthes, more???? Ok I know 6 and 7 would be tough (LOL) but seriously!! I avoid awkwardness and how awkward would it be telling my DAD?!! I do see my parents everyday; EVERY SINGLE DAY. How long until you think they'd figure it out?

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